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Pup Walks


A well behaved and happy dog is a well exercised dog. Included in our industry leading walking program is the latest in positive training techniques. We create personalized walking programs that meet the specific needs of your dog. Breed, personality, age, fitness and energy level all factor into our planning.

Walks are available starting at $25 with custom weekly and monthly packages available.

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The science of Positive Training is not just an effective way to teach a dog new tricks, it’s the proven most effective way to support positive behaviours and strengthen the human-dog bond. Through continuing education, we ensure that our clients have access to the latest research, strategies and techniques to maximize your dog’s potential.

Training fees start at $95/hr with package rates & remote consultations are available.

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Boarding at PWR

The Pup Wellness Retreat (PWR) is the perfect getaway for your dog. It’s nestled in 53 acres of wooded land and open fields with a large swimming pond. In addition to the fresh country air, and more than 30 kms of hiking trails, we offer a variety specialized of services designed to help your dog relax, recharge and reconnect with us in nature.

Boarding fees start at $45/night. Transportation starting at $40 each way.

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The foundation of good health is good food. Whether you’re looking for the best food to raise your puppy or want to improve the health of your aging, or ailing, dog - optimum nutrition is a must. The right diet can increase energy and mobility, balance mood, support healing, and can work to help prevent new injuries and illnesses from occurring. Programs are designed by our own Certified Culinary Nutritionist.

Consultations start at $95/hr. Remote consultations are available.

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Choosing the right dog can make the many years with your dog joyful ones. We take the guess work out of choosing the right dog; matching you with the right temperament, drive and personality. With our in depth knowledge of hundreds of dog breeds and relationships with responsible breeders and rescues, we can precisely match you to a canine companion who will compliment your lifestyle and needs.

Consultations start at $95/hr. Remote consultations are available.